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T-case noise & vibrations...

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I don't really run my truck in 4wd on the road or at faster speeds very often, but I was yesterday and today with the snow. Anyways, I hadn't noticed it before, but now I'm getting a vibration and noise that sounds like it is coming from the t-case when I'm in 4wd, and I'd like to figure out what is making the noise before it becomes a big deal. The 4wd still works, it just kinda vibrates a lot and is pretty noisy (more than normal) when engaged. It also takes a while longer to come out of 4wd, and usually clunks pretty hard when it does. I'm thinking possibly a bad output bearing or something like that. What do you guys think??? Anything obvious to check for???
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C'mon... nobody??? :roll:

The vibration sounds like t-case, but I wonder if the clunk and slow disengaging is CAD related. The other post on here got me wondering now.
u joints, does it go away when u engae 4hi? well if its being loud in 4x4 then maybee its the case.
drop the front shaft and see if the noise is still there.
check the fluid in the case
that would make it louder and harder to shift
Noise is there when it is engaged in 4wd. I'll try to check the d-shaft this week, but I doubt it is u-joints. I replaced them with Spicers about a year and a half ago. I'll check them though. I'm thinking it is actually in the t-case, but I don't know for sure. I'll try to check the fluid level too.
what is in it, stock 231? or did you take out the stock Tcase?
I checked the u-joints, and the front driveshaft (axle end) u-joint is toast. I grabbed it and yanked on it pretty hard, and one of the caps is busted. I got a new one, and I'm gonna put it on in a few minutes. The other u-joints (on the driveshafts) seemed fine though. Hopefully that is where all the noise and vibration was coming from.

I still plan on checking the t-case fluid level too. Does it share fluid with the tranny, or is it separate??? My tranny was about 3.25qts low. :eyecrazy: I just filled that up and everything seems fine there now. This thing breaks more from sitting than anything else. Strange stuff happens when it sits.
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