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sway bar q?

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Im fixin to put a 7" suspension lift on my truck. Should i use the sway bar drop mounts with the stock sway bar or should i just leave the sway bar off??
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I have 8.5" up front and just left mine off because I have the diesel coils and they are very stiff so there is very little body roll! I say leave it off and drive it for a day and if you dont like it then put it on! :bigthumb:
Whats the advantages/disadvantages off leavin it off??
With it off you will have a ton more flex and some people think it rides smoother. But also some people say that there will be less stabiltiy, more body roll, etc.

Mine is off, and I can't even tell. Made no difference in ride or handling. I can kinda feel it a little when the highway turns at high speeds, but nothing to make me miss it. Made a huge difference in flex though.
I have the SJ 7in kit and no swaybar. The front is alot stiffer with the swaybar on.
Flip if over to where it goes down instead of up if you want to run it. it will work for the 7 inch kit

you will get a lot more flex without it tho
My one link broke off and I just eventaully took it off completely. You get more body roll, you will notice this quickly but you will get used to it. It will start to get a little less stable at high speeds on winding roads but I got used to mine and now don't have any trouble.

Here is when I had 1 broken link. You can see how far away the link is from the actual location it should be. Gave me a ton more flex.


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