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Suspension question

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I'm kinda thinking about getting a little more lift soon, and was wondering a few things. I have Skyjacker 5 inch arms and relocation brackets withSuperlift 5-5.5 inch coils. If I swapped in Skyjacker 7 inch coils, which would be more likely: The ride would be smoother because of the much softer Skyjacker coils, or the ride would be worse because of the increased lower control arm angle?

If I went with 7 inch coils could I do a BDS shackle flip, then put a smaller block instead of the factory one, to level it with the front? I have Superlift lift springs also. Would the shackle flip/smaller block improve or degrade ride?

I'm thinking about just accumulating some parts over a long period of time as I've got free cash. Coils, shackle flip kit, zero rates, new shocks. But I also thought of ,maybe switching to a longer lower control arm like a Skyjacker 7 inch style setup. I know Skyjacker doesn't sell just the arms, and I just bought the 5 inch arms and don't wanna just throw that money away yet so I was wondering if I could have someone fabricate brackets and lower arms, and use the upper arms from the skyjacker 5 inch stuff (with or without the relocation brackets), or are they the wrong lenth? Has anyone made their own lower arm brackets for a setup like this?

And lastly, what kind of tire would comfortably fit with that lift? I'm thinking 38s, if my axles won't explode instantly haha. Or maybe removing the body lift and keeping the 36s, I dunno. I probably won't end up doing anything haha.
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From what I have read 7in springs or 5in spring plus daystars will work on your 5in kit without any problems. The axle maybe pulled back a little but not bad. I have heard it is a good idea to upgrade the trackbar. I am doing this same swap and I am gioing to use thuren trackbar and bracket, 7in coils, and either a 5.5in block? or a shackle flip. I am awaiting my 7in coils so I will let your know how it looks install. i am sticking with my 36in iroks but our rigs could clear 38s with the BL.


I already have a thuren track bar and I will be getting his steering after I financially recover from the holidays. I'm positive it'd clear 38s nicely with that much lift (hell that's 10 inches). But I think it'd clear them now without any flexing. I wonder if 38s would have room to flex with 10 inches (my 3 inch body plus 7 inch suspension) or if more tire would fit. But I'm not gonna go any bigger than that with my stock axles.
I think the ride would be worse because of the LCA angle. Get yourself some lower control arm brackets from fabtech, mount them up on your truck, then have your SJ lowers lengthened to fit. your SJ uppers with relo brackets will work just fine for this setup, and you could go as high as 8 or 9 inches I think with it. You will have to cut off the factory LCA mount, but who cares, its just metal right??
You could easily flex alot with 38s and 10" here is a pic of mine with 8.5" and 39.5" iroks, I still have room to flex more and you will be 1.5" taller and have a 1.5" smaller tire so it should work good!



Also here is a pic of my custom extended short arms, they actually put my axle about 1" forward incase I wanted to go bigger, the lower arm is a very raked angle but the ride is terrific, hope this helps!

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Then I wonder if I could fit 40s with that much lift? I thought you had to have like 13 inches to fit 40s on these trucks.

King Nothing, if I used the upper arms as they are and a long lower arm, wouldn't the arms be really far apart and at odd angles? I thought you had to put the upper arm in the factory lower arm mount on the frame to do this?
No, it really depends on how much clearence, rubbing and height you want, you could clear 40s on 10" not everybody likes stuffed tires they want the sky high look!
How do you like your thuren trackbar? How was the install? I guess our rigs are pretty similar, same amount of lift, gears tires,etc. I plan to intsall my new coils before the hoildays.

I like it, it looks strong as {expletive} and it gave me more flex. I paid to have it installed though, since I lack welding equiptment. The shop said it went on really easy.
urbanredneck i love your truck to death im not gonna lie, but if you have the itch to be bigger, go bigger.

i just got my truck done with 10" and 38's. i think youve seen it. a little bigger tire would fit but i think i could get it to rub offroad. its a great combo. just watch how far those arms pull your axle back, mine is pulled back a little and if i lock the steering wheel i can get them to rub if i flex like that.

my truck rides great, at times i think better than stock, but i have dc long arms. i think that will hurt your ride a little bit but i dont have much experience with shorter arms. ive only ridden in one truck with them.

heres a pic of mine for ref..
7" susp 3" body 38.5x14.5 tsl/sx


flexed out a little


pm me if you have anymore questions about the set up im running
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