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suspension plus body lift

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is it safe to run a 6" lift and a 3" body lift together on a newer silverado, like a 99. alot of the adds say they won't sell you both. but is that just to cover themselves or is the some serious safety concerns if you combine them. thanks for all the help
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the only reason that they say that is because a suspension plus the body lift plus the larger tires you are gonna put on will raise your vehicle and make it more easier to roll. lots and lots of people run both the suspension and bodylift together. there is nothing wrong with doing that. yo ujust cant drive the truck as you would if it was stock.
thanks i was hoping that was what i was going to hear
go 4 it won't have any problems.....bigger is better
i wouldnt go any bigger than a 3 in body lift. i think you would be happy with a 6" sus. and 3" bl
You can do it, put it on, and run some 38's :bigthumb:
you cant buy a body lift any larger than 3 inches cause in almost all states anything bigger than that is illegal.
to run 38s you will have to trim the air dam a little and crank the torsion bars up
Do it, I am running 6 + 3 and 38's with no problems. :D:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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