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surge between 3rd and 4th gear?, HELP

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I had this surge between 3rd and 4th gear when accelerating at highway speeds, about 45-50mph. i took it in to the dealer, they had it for 3 days, replaced the torque converter, replaced the valve body, replaced all the seals, flushed the tranny and put it back together, and it still has a noticeable surge, it is better but defientely not right. i might take off my gen II and magnaflow exhaust and take it back in, but before i do does anybody have an idea? i cant go another few days without a vehicle. Thanks
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CAn you explain the surge a little better. ARe you talking about something to the effect that when you are just driving down the road (flat one) doing about 45-55 mph your engine will just rev up all by itself. If so my truck has done that pretty much the whole time I have had it. I have taken it to the dealer a couple of times when I first had it and they said nothing was wrong with it. I have just kept an eye on it. It doesn't always do it. It has not gotten any worse so I pretty much don't worry about it..
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