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Super winch S Series.....

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Is there a specific reason ya dont see alot of superwinches, mainly the S series winches out on the trail? I've got the s9000 on my hualer and plan to cradle mount it to swap back and forth from hualer to tow rig.

Here are the specs...


S 9000 Specs
9,000 LB. Rated Line Pull
11,900 LB. Stall Rating
2.0 H.P. Series Wound Motor
Differential Planetary Gearing
253:1 Gear Ratio
1/4 Turn Freespooling Clutch
Automatic In-The-Drum Braking
100 Feet 5/16" (7.9mmX30.5m) Wire Rope Included.
12V DC with Roller Fairlead ( Model 1917)
Dimensions 23.56" L X 6.75" D X 9.56" H
(598mm L X 171mm D X 243mm H )
Click Here for Dimensional Drawing
Drum Diameter 2.5" ( 64mm)
Weight with Roller Fairlead 95 LBS. ( 43kgs.)
Additional Features: Power In and Power Out
Battery Cables and Terminals Included
Circuit Breakers
Built-In Prewired Solenoid System
12 Foot Hand Held Remote Switch
Hand Saver Bar

Additional Accessories available: Accessory Kit Part# 2514
Extended 15 Foot Remote Part# 2544
Extended 25 Foot Remote Part# 2545
Mount Plate Part# 1665
Additional Mounting Systems
Roller Fairlead Cover Part# 2539
Replacement Wire Rope (100') Part# 1580
Replacement 12 Foot Remote Part# 2222

PERFORMANCE 12V DC - 1st. Layer on Drum

0____________________25.5 (7.8)__________78
1,000 (454)______________17.1 (5.2)_________115
2,000 (907)_____________12.5 (3.7)_________160
4,000 (1,814)__________7.6 (2.3)__________ 240
6,000 (2,722)__________ 4.1 (1.3)__________ 310
9,000 (4,082) __________ 2.0 (0.6)__________435

Ive been watching alot of trai lrigs and I dont think ive ever seen an s series up front..... Anyone have any ideas as to why.. just kinda curious could it be the $800+ cost....... since bigger rated warns can be had for the same price?

I know its a strong winch considering I pulled an 8900 pound empty, dumptruck that had the added 1ton of screenings, out of a ditch with it the otherday..... no problems....
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