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Stock Foglight bulbs

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What sizes will fit in the stock fog lights? I know it takes a 893 but I was thinking several differn't sizes worked with lights that took 893's. Will 884's work? I can get a killer deal on a set of them.
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i found a set of 50 or 55w to that will fit and work in the stock fog light housings.

Just take a stock one to autozone (or whatever parts house you use) and match up the base connections.

you after more light, or just cheaper price?
I was looking at some Street Glow bulbs and the 884's were a lot cheper than the 893's. I would like more the blueish look with more light but I doubt it will produce even as much as the stockers. I know a guy on has the Street Glows and the pictures are impressive of the light output and I think it's Crow here swears by them so I thought I might try a set if I could get them cheap and don't want to have my fogs and headlights differn't colors.
If there the ones i have, they have like a weird 90 degree angle bend in the connector. i made a thread abuot this a while back. ill search for it when i get caught up at work if this is the right one.
The stock relay and wiring are not up to a high wattage bulb, the small wires and relay simply cannot handle the added amperage.
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