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stiff U-Joint. driver-side front.

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The U-Joint on the front driver-side axle is stiff. Since there is not a zerk (sp)fitting to grease it, is it possible to drill and tap the u-joint then install a zerk fitting without removing the axle from the housing?

If not, what is involved with removing the axle from the housing? I took the wheel off, but can't tell for sure whatelse needs to come off in order to slide the axle out. I know that I'll need to remove the c-clip but what about the spindle? If the spindle needs to be removed, what is the trick?

FWIW, I'm getting it ready to sell so the quicker and cheaper I fix this problem, the better.


'87 Cherokee
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must be a DC maintenance free u-joint :roll:

check the tech section. there is a write up.
No '87 Cherokee has a spindle! Nor do they have any c-clips in their front axles! What are you talking about?

Just remove the wheel, remove the brake caliper and then you can either remove the unitized hub a$$emble or undo the hub. If you undo the hub, you will need like a 1-7/16ths huge a$$ socket to remove the nut. Once removed, undo the 3 bolts on the back to get the hub off. Or, you can just undo the 3 bolts and leave the shaft attached to the hub....can be a bit difficult to deal with the u-joint with the hub still attached, but not impossible.
If the ujoint is stiff, then its going out. Replace boht sides while your at it.
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