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Steering box wont tighten?

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I tried to tighten my steering box to take the slop out of the steering wheel, and the screw wont turn at all! I can turn over 1/4 each way before it grabs, that and my box is leaking from the top, has anybody had this problem or know how to fix this! :wall:
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you loosened the jam nut right? also make sure there is no load on the steering.
Well I didnt know there was a jam nut so I will check that out tomorrow morning, thanks Boss!
what size is the jamb nut and what size allen do you need for this job?
The jam nut is 9/16, and the the allen is...uh, not sure the exact number, but it is metric. Put the allen and 9/16 wrench on at the same time so u can hold the allen wrench. If u dont, as u turn the jam nut the allen bolt may turn without you knowing it. Try tightening (to the right) a quarter turn, if no luck there, try another quarter. If no results, you have other problems, like balljoints.
wow what a difference! I turned mine in 1 whole turn, and the allen is 3/16

dont overtighten it too much, you will loos ethe return to center and may wear out the bearings in the box faster
hum that may help my steering i'll have to look into that thanks
good now maybe I can get some slop out of mine now that I know how thanks
guys just remeber to start saving for a new box. If the adjustment is made it wont be long before you'll be replacing it.
Just an FYI
how do you know when they fail? do you loose all steering? or does it just dump all the fluid out or what? I'd hate to be driving and go to turn and nothin.
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