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Sputtering, hesitating and dying 7.3

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Any ideas on what could be causing my 7.3 to act so inconsistantly. Sometimes it sputters like a clogged injector and dies. I happens at acceleration and sometimes when just sitting.

I changed the fuel filter but that really didn't help. I've run injector cleaner, power service, and mavel mystery oil yet I'm still having the same problem.

Someone said I should change my oil due to the fact that the vicosity might have broken down too much and somehow that it is related to the injector pumps??????? :silly:

Any ideas. Only 6ok miles with the Hypertech programmer in it (the older version 40001 or ???)

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This may sound a little far fetched, but is the lift
pump bracket broken. I was talking to a friend with the same symtoms; he was getting a lot of air into the system cause of the vibration caused by a broken bracket. Something to look at, i guess...
it could very possibly be the oil. because afterall, the PSD's run the injectors off oil pressure if i am not mistaken. so if your oil is full of additives and is broken down chemically, it could be cause it
besides, 50 bucks for an oil change is pretty cheap and you probably are due for one as it is
Changed the oil yesterday so we'll see if it still does it.

I'll check for a broken bracket as well.

Cam position sensor would be my guess. Had a few of these type problems come in at my buddies shop. Does it chugg when your going down the road or does it just act like it wants to die without any notice? Most of the time this won't cause it to die but sometimes does if the cam sensor is gone really bad. But this is a common problem with the 7.3's. Other thing is does it blow white smoke? If so it could be the diesel jellin where your up where it is cold but I don't think so cause they should have put winterizer in the fuel by now.
Doesn't chug- just starts to sputter (kinda like a clogged paint gun tip). Sometimes the check engine light comes on and sometimes it doesn't. Seems to happen the most during acceleration right about 40 mph. Problem is it isn't consistant. Happens very randomly.

Down loaded the stock program back into it yesterday as well.

Talked to a shop yesterday and they said if it keeps doing it- it sounded like a cam sensor to him as well.

Thanks for the input.
Not all the time is a cam sensor. Mine does it when it is cold and that is it. But it will get worse with time. They are pretty expensive at ford but I have seen them on ebay for $40-50. I think they are $180 at ford.
Bought a cam sensor off ebay for $70 after shipping. Cheapest I could find. I don't ever buy from the dealership- I might use them to get the part number :D: ; but I sure as he11 wouldn't buy anything from them. It's a freaking rip off.
I bought one at autozone ($75) when mine had the same symptoms, fixed it. I think Ford wanted $300-400 if I remember right. Takes 1 minute to install.
The International dealer has them for like $80....
buy 2 b/c they always go out at crappy times....and it's a 10mm wrench too.....Check/change your valve cover gaskets....the wiring harness will sometimes short out....Have you checked the fuel pressure at idle??? Try doing that and when it starts to run weird check it too.....The CPS sensors will work when they are cold but when the warm up(heat creates resistance) that's when they go out....My truck ran great cold but 5 miles down the road it would die....

Good Luck
Seems that it was the cam position sensor. Truck runs fine now.

Now I need to narrow down which chip and or programmer to buy. I sold my Hypertech programmer after I put the stock program back into the truck.

Thanks for everyones input! :bigthumb:
I've heard from a few folks that the Quadzilla stuff works pretty well in the PSDs. I've also heard a few say that the Edge stuff gave them really high EGTs. I can't tell you from personal experience, that's just what I've heard from guys I know with PSDs.
I'm running the bully dog power pup in mine and I like it. Good response and alot of power.
I had the Banks Stinger Plus was the biggest waste of money....I love my Edge Evolution programmer but if you want a custom burned chip a bunch of people on the (PSD website, you should become a member :bigthumb: ) are running a Tony Wildman chip and everyone loves them any burn you want 2 to 6 position, or I think he can burn a chip to use the mods you have....little spendy but well worth it, I plan to get one next :D:

Good Luck,

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