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spare tire mount in bed....

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yeah so any of u guys have the spare tire mount in your bed for like a 36" tire???...i want one of thses but i do use my bed sometimes for 4 wheelers and my question is are they removable??? for like when i need the space or is it just a pain to take them out and put them back in???
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if you look you can see it looked cool but it was a pain in da ass for putting a quad in the back but it a choice that you'll have to make i liked mine and thers always a trailer to pull the toys
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The good quality spare tire carriers aren't removable. I mean if you unbolt them they are but that usually takes some time.
Genuine-Steel universal tire mount:

$188.95 @ 4WheelParts
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The bed mount is nice. It doesn't leave much room unless you get one of those that mounts to the side of the bed.
The one shown in TUNIS' post is removable. It jsut leaves the base plates in the bed. Thed rest is gone.
How is yours mounted in the bed Jason? Is yours removable?
Mine is fixed with 8 bolts. One peice deal.
How much space does it take up, front to back? I can spare about 1 1/2' any still fit my quad.
Well you need to figure that a 35" tire is almost 3' in diameter and if you tilt it about 15-20* than takes up over 2'. The front feet of my mount are between the wheel wells
Well, you could always buy one and mount it using large wing nuts instead of bolts. Just tack weld the bolt head to the frame or bed floo or wherever the should happen to mount.

That way, when you want to remove it, you just remove 3(or how however many bolts there are) wing nuts and the rack, and you are good to go.

Or you could always make one, maybe that bolts to the bed rails or wheelwells or something.

Just a thought.
I was going to do that with my truck. To make it removable I planned on cutting a 1.5" square hole in my bed. And putting a receiver below the bed. Then making a mount for the tire that slipped into that reciever. That way I could pull the (locking, so it can't get stolen)pin out and take the tire mount out of the bed. I was going to make a plug that fit flush with the bed to put into it the reciever when the tire was removed. I figured I could also make an adapter so I could use that as a straping, pulling point for things such as a bed mounted winch. It's a bit of work but it would be cool.
well if i get the removable one it easy to steal or what????cause i would rather have the permanent one if any joe can come up and jack my tire and wheel ya know??
Not sure, have not looked at it closely. Perhaps you can lock the wingnut the same way you lock the rim clamp wingnut (padlock through a hole in the threaded part so the wingnut can be loosened but not removed.
Yeah, I'm sure there's some way to rig up a padlock on it. Just need to use your imagination.
u guys think its worth 200 bucks??
when you gonna go into production with that idea. i already have a hole similiar from taking out a 5th wheel trailer attachment. think it would be a great place to mount a winch.that would probably level out the ride a little as well
If it was 5 wheel why do you have a hole in your bed? Those usally sit on top of the bed. Do you mean a gooseneck hitch? Thats another thing if you have a gooseneck hitch with a removable ball you can just use the hitch and make a mounting point for the tire that fits in the hitch. Later.
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