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Sound like a deal?

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I've been, for quite a while, looking for a deal on a rollbar/lightbar/whatever you call it for my Dodge because I love how they look, but don't wanna pay damn near $500 for a bolt together decorative bar. Well on ebay I found an auction for a 1 piece welded roll bar that supposedly actually functions to help protect the cab. It's a double/single bar like I want, fully welded, looks to be of high quality, and bolts to the wheel wells just like I want. Maade just for a short bed 2nd gen Dodge. It has 5 light tabs welded right to it, so no bulky light bar seperate either. The auction is for $125 and ends in 22 hours, but it is in McHenry IL, which is 45 minutes from here, so no shipping! I emailed him toa skbout tubing size and whatnot (don't want one made out of exhaust pipe or something haha). It is bare steel so I'll need to sand the surface rust off and have it painted or powercoated. You think it could look good if I have it sprayed with automotive paint? The seller is something like Mchenry Country 4x4 or something, sounds like a shop so I am guessing they made it. I think I'll go take a look at it tomarrow or thursday if I get a chance and it doesn't sell. Sound like a decent deal?
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I would coat it with bedliner, I would go ahead and pick it up though, if you dont like it put it on ebay.
that's true chances are I could get the same for it. Bedliner would look cool, but it might really contrast the glossy truck, especially if it doesn't match the bedliner in my bed. How do these mount? I'm guessing you drill hoes through the d, then bolts go through the bed into metal backing plates?
Id snag it. dont expect it to protect you in a rollover, but it will hold lights well :bigthumb:
I'm not looking for rollover protection. But I think it looks a bit higher quality than the bolt together stuff. Just needs to be painted I guess. If the guy responds to my email and it isn't made of exhaust tubing or something, I'll snag it.
That sounds pretty good, send me the link I wanna see it. You rmember that dura color bed liner I used for my door jams and bed rails that matches pretty good with rhino liner and I'm guess linex too which is what you have. If not you can always go the poor man paint job with primer and black rustolium. hehe.

Sounds like a sweet snag. Your gonna end up paying more for the lights though haha. I would settle for no less than KC Daylighters. You can get them on ebay for like 100 a set for the black ones.

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