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Something weird in my laptop

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every once in a while, in the toolbar where it shows what programs are running, a new program will look like it's opening, then just instantly closes. You cant tell what program it is because it's blank. Then if I have something open, when that program closes, it minimizes the window that I have open.

I dont think it's doing any damage, but it's really irritating. Does anyone have an idea what's causing that?
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I know what your talking about, but have no idea why it does it.. I've never noticed it on mine ( running XP ), but when mine had 98 on it I'd see it often.. The comps at work run 98 and do it all the time too...

But when I've seen it, it normally happens after closing a program.. Sometimes they stay, you click on them and they go away.. Wish I could tell ya. I havnt seen any ill effects from them though...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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