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Solid Steel Adjustable Track Bar

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1994-2002 Dodge Adjustable Track Bar
-Upgrades '94 to '02 Track Bar.
-Fully adjustable while installed.
-Centers the axle exactly.
-New drop down bracket.
-Works with lifts to 3 inches.
-High quality rubber bushings.
-No vibration, smooth feel.
-Dura-Coat finish on Track Bar.
-Solid Steel shaft

"Our new Adjustable Track Bar and the new Drop Down Bracket eliminates the troublesome ball joint on the OEM track bar on 1994 to 2002 Dodge 4x4's.

Solid Steel Industries LTD. in conjunction with a chemist and our rubber bushing manufacturer have designed a high quality rubber bushing that is better than the OEM bushings on the 2003 and up Track Bars.
Using high quality rubber bushings provides smooth quiet operation, with little or no vibration sent back to the steering wheel or elsewhere on the truck. The hardness of the rubber bushing eliminates the spongy feeling found in other, softer, rubber bushings, while still providing the right amount of deflection to reduce wear and hammering.

'These bushings do not hammer and wear out like steel rod ends, Heim joints, and urethane bushings. Our new Drop Down Track Bar Conversion Kit lowers the upper mounting point of the Track Bar eliminating “bump steer” on trucks with up to 5 inches of lift. Shown below is the new Adjustable Track Bar along with the regular Conversion Kit, the new Drop Conversion Kit and the 2003 OEM Track Bar."

"This Adjustable Track Bar is fully adjustable from stock length to 4 inches longer, and it can be adjusted right on the truck to ease the process of centering the axle exactly. Just install the bar and turn the adjusting sleeve till the axle is centered, it's that simple."

"The Adjustable Track Bar and Drop Bracket will work on trucks with lifts up to 5 inches.
Note: As there are many different models of suspension lifts and methods of lifting the trucks, some lifts provide Track Bar relocation bracketry, some don't, as long as the mounting location of our TBK does not interfere with existing lift brackets, it will work."

Does anyone have this adjustable bar on their 94-01 Ram? Does anyone know how much it costs?
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I like the idea of being able to adjust it while its on the truck. Its a pain to get mine lined up just right when I take it off and try to get it back on.
looks cool. how much? no price on the website, i can't stand that.
thats a pretty damn nice design. i like it. now if only they would make a drop bracket for it to work with 5 and 7" kits or something, they would have a much larger market
yea i was thinking the same thing drew, only for 3"? thats no bueno. but i do like the idea of adjusting while its still on.
i believe it said that you could use the drop bracket that came with the lift kit with that bar.
On 2005-12-03 17:33, ram69 wrote:
i believe it said that you could use the drop bracket that came with the lift kit with that bar.

if it is a lift on a 03+ dodge 2500, yeah
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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