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Slip Yoke/CV

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Is it possible to use the CV off of a front drive shaft and put it on the rear drive shaft with the slip yoke? And do it myself?
I have the 208, and also have the typical problem with not enough slipyoke in the Tcase. So I have super vibrations. I was looking at the front drive shaft and wondered if I could just take off the CV from another front drive shaft I have and add it in. Thanks for the help
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Cmon??? Should I try something like this or take some parts down to the local machine shop and have them lengthen my stock Dshaft. I cant afford $1000 right now for driveshafts.
the end of a drive shaft with a cv is different than the end of a driveshaft without. you would have to cut the end of the driveshaft off and weld the proper end on it for it to work. cheaper to just take it and get it lengthened. btw if you pay 1000 bucks to get 2 driveshafts lengthened be sure to ask for vaseline as well. there is no reason a shop should charge that much for a simple job like that.
I meant that 2 NEW driveshafts would runt about $1000. Can a local machine shop lengthen a driveshaft? or does it have to be a driveshaft shop?
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