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sky manufacturing

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Have any of you guys ordered parts from sky-manufacturing? i was thinking about getting a few things from em...ive heard they were good from a few people at work..just wanted somebody else's opinion.

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i got my crossover from them and its very high quality and good servie :bigthumb:
good company, ordered some stuff and it got here way before i expected.
I ordered my high steer arm and drag link for crossover from them. Good customer service, but I had requested they ship my drag link overnight, and they charged me for it, but shipped it UPS ground. They refunded the difference. The parts are high quality, but the high steer arm seemed to be getting surface rust pretty quick so I painted it with por15.
well hey right on..thanks for letting me know all that.. i think ill go ahead and order the parts that i want...trying to get my sammy back up and running for my christmas day run...its starting to get back up and running haha

well thanks again

Maddog....hope you didn't paint the mating surface of the arm to the knuckle.....if so, take all that paint off before install.

The paint layer will not allow the arm to seat completely on the knuckle and have the appropriate clamping force.

Sky has well engineered, high quality, reasonably priced products.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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