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Skoool me on the bulldogs of english.

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lookin to buy one for the gf for christmas. I have found some on the net around me, well in Tx, but they have all kinda papers and go for like 2500$ to 4500$ What the hell is that? i though they went for like a 1g? Anyone in Tx know where i can get one for around that price?
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They were running 1200 around here. Now my wife wants one we cant find one :roll: Lemme know if ya find one
they are a very high maintance dog.
if you dont clean and bath them regularily they get skin infections.

very messy with the drool as well.

and as you found out, they cost a good grip.
but make sure you get references when buying the puppy, just to make sure your not getting a puppy mill dog.
theyre all over here, they go from 700-2000, very expensive
yea i know to look and make sure they got papers and all besides the bloodline stuff. If ima cash out those kinda duckies for a dawg, it better be top flight {expletive}.... But i know there were some brindles goin for like a g2 around me i just cant remember im stuck to searchin online, those people are nutts. Theyre were some cool 100 yr old itailian blood line ones that were goin for like 10 g's
heres you a 5 yr old that needs to be adopted down your way...

poor girl they just used her up and dumped her off.
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