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sing-dual d60?

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can you still run a dual wheel 60 up front with a single wheel?i think it would just stick out further right?and the caliper would be in further,so i could keep a 15 inch rim?
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Yeah, I've seen it done, but they stick out pretty far. Why not just get the dually D60 if it is cheap, and convert it to a single wheel by replacing the outers???

I'm not totally certain on the WMS measurements on various DRW D60s vs. SRW D60s, but it seems to me that the dually hubs stick out like another 6" per side. That would add another foot of width to your truck with the same wheels. That is just too much for a street driven truck. A lot of guys do it on mud trucks to keep from sticking both front and rear tires in the same ruts.

The things you'd need to know to make the best decision are the WMS measurements of a DRW D60, a SRW D60, and your rear axle WMS. That should help you decide if the width will be too much or not.
Hummer rims are supposed to fit perfect w/o recentering...
SRW chevy D60 is 69" wms
DRW chevy D60 is 77" wms
SRW 14 bolt is 67" wms
i know pulling truck guys that run them with wide offset wheels in the front and a 14 bolt cab and chassis axle in the rear for maximum wheel offset.
I think it looks retarded!!! I converted mine over to SRW but I run mine onr the sreet and offroad. Do what ya like! Just tear it up when you do!! :bigthumb:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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