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short term locker?

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what would you guys reccomend to put in the stock D35 axle that's in my jeep?
here's the deal, over the weekend I got around to changing a leaky seal on the passanger side of the axle tube(sorry, didn't have the camera handy, and didn't get any pics.), and wile I had everything apart, I noticed that the spider gears are a little worn. one of them(one of the two that are on the center pin) had worn down it's shim to almost nothing, and had quite a bit of play in it. my long term plan calls for an axle swap, so I don't want to throw a lot of money at these axles, and was kinda thinking of getting something along the lines of a lock right, EZ locker, quick lok, or something similar that is relatively cheep, and fits in the stock open carrier, and replaces the spider gears. so what would you all reccomend?
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and one other thing, most application charts list two posibilities for my jeep, they list one for 89-93, and one for 93-04? is there any difference, and if so, how do I know which one I need to get?
On 2005-11-21 12:32, 97texasjeep wrote:
weld it!! :bigthumb:

I would, but,
A: I don't have a welder
B: I'd still like to be able to drive it on the road once in a wile without eating up the tires.
If you gonna swap out the axle dont waste any money on it at all. For what a locker cost you could have a ford 8.8
well those are 2 darn good that case a lock rite would be ur cheapest route to go!!
On 2005-11-21 13:26, scoot wrote:
If you gonna swap out the axle dont waste any money on it at all. For what a locker cost you could have a ford 8.8

well, the plan is to do a full drivetrain swap from a 3/4 ton truck. the current rear, even with the play in it, might last long enough for me to get all the parts for the swap, but if it starts to get worse, I think a "lunch box" locker (fits in stock open carrier) would be a good, cheep, quick fix to bet me by untill I can gather all the stuff for the 3/4 ton swap.
Sorry i didnt kno u wanted to run full size, you can always sell your axle and get back some money after your done with your swap
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