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Selling (4) 39.5x15x17 TSL, (1) 39.5 IROK, all on H2 rims

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(4) bias ply 39.5" TSLs used
(1) bias ply 39.5" IROK brand new
(5) H2 rims, centers opened up to fit over 1 ton axles (some rock rash on them)

$1,200.00 OBO, will part tires and rims if I find buyers for both.

please contact me at [email protected] if you're interested
located in Chicago, IL area but travel to IA, WI, IN often, can also ship/arrange further delivery if needed


TSL 1 (has slow leak)



TSL 4 (has slow leak)

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All tires have plenty of side lug left.. .just middle is more worn...

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$1,100.00 OBO
$900 OBO , email me at my username
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