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screwed my clutch...

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NEVER TEACH PEOPLE TO DRIVE IN YOUR TRUCK!!! thats pretty much all i have to say, i taught 3 people to drive stick in this last month, and yesterday trying to start on a little hill, my clutch didnt catch and i could barley drive it home.... but anyway, any recommendation on a good clutch?
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OEM toyota heavy duty.

Marlin sells them at a pretty good discount.
im putting a new one in on sat... i just got a oem cause i dont have the loot to do anything better
Make sure you get your flywheel resurfaced. Its worth the extra 20 bucks to know you did the job right and your new clutch will like it :D:
I ordered a stage 3 racing clutch for my toyota from a place called Clutch Express. They are great bunch of people and probably the best parts people i have ever had to deal with as far as performance parts. You tell them what you want to do with your truck and they will set you up with what you need!

I found a lil trick to teaching people how to drive without really tearin a clutch up! Put the beast in 4low if you have manual hubs leave them unlocked. 4Low really lets them get a feel of the clutch until they can move on to 2High. I always take ppl to a gravel road or parking lot. PPL tend not to stall out as easy on gravel cuase the gravel will give loser traction or whatever. One thing i tell ppl is its sometimes a lil better to dump the clutch faster rather than draggin on the clutch and burnin it out. Hence my quote its better to peel out then stall out. Worst case is a U-joint goin out or breaking...sure beast puttin in a new clutch!
even better teach them in sand.. tires spin!!!!! :bigthumb:
i ended up putting a hayes racing clutch in, runs sweet now, thanks for all the info!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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