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SBC street 3250

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Does anybody run this clutch? I think the "official" name is the SBC DD Street 3250 lb. 6 CB. I don't see why it wouldn't work on the V10, since the nv4500's are the same. And do these come with pilot and throwout bearings? Are they a good DD clutch? I'm just looking for a replacement, so I might as well get a good one. And what do these run normally? Thanks.
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Your looking at around $1700 for the clutch & $800 for the 1&3/8" input shaft.

The reason for a dual disk clutch is either sled pulling, or your making such MASSIVE amounts of HP & TQ that a single disk just cannot handle it.

SBC has a clutch for your needs, but the DD is not the best idea for this particular truck. Call SBC tomorrow and talk with Peter, he can recommend the best clutch for your needs.
Wow, yeah, that may be a little more than I need. Ever. I just want something a step up from the stock one, if I need it. I may end up not having to change it, but I may as well get quotes on them now. They don't have all their clutches on their website?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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