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Say you needed to find someone??

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My wife doesn't know her dad and we've been trying to find him with no luck. Anyone used any of the internet "detective" sites with any luck?? We know a few things but still can't get any good info..


Don :D:
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Good on ya ! I helped out a few years ago to do the very samething .

I used a private detective , the D.M.V , and a phone book . cost about $3500 and six months to get it done . I was lucky that i did get everybody "on board " because there was some privatecy (sp) laws that i broke doing it .

I would caution you on one thing .... before you tell her what you are doing make sure that he wants to be found , make contact first then when he agrees then tell her . sometimes people just dont want to be found and sometimes its better if there not found .
Don, try I have found lots of info about people for very cheap! :bigthumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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