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Salmon Carnage in SE-AK

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Spawning season in South East Alaska, which bring gajillions of salmon back to the rivers and streams to spawn. Juneau is dotted with salmon streams, although most of them are Chum (Dog) Salmon, which is not the most prized. It's been raining for 5 days now, so we took a drive to a salmon stream south of town at Sheep Creek to wander the banks in the rain. Hey, why not? Anyway, the salmon runs progress, the carnage is apparent.

The salmon enrich the streams and stream banks with tons of nutrients. A guy from a house nearby was gathering carcasses to use in his vegetable beds as fertilizer (just dig a trench, lay a fish in it end to end and cover...instant fertilizer). It seems wasteful, but from the huge number of eagles, gulls, ravens and bears that feed on them, the cycle is important.

Full of himself, and probably salmon, this Bonaparte's Gull is undeterred by the salmon cruising under his watchful eye...

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Tango said:
Do you go kayaking there?
I do not, but do a lot of boating. Lots of kayakers live in the area. My wife has done some, and wants to get herself a kayak. Christmas is coming, so ....
Tango said:
be frozen then...
Still good kayaking!
Makes me miss Alaska. I lived there for 11 years, mostly in Anchorage and Soldotna. I was a Kenai river guide for 5 years, but the whole deal got way too commercialized for me and it became more like a real job. I sold my boat and let my captain's license lapse. I do miss the salmon run though, somehow bass fishing in Mississippi where I live now just doesn't compete.
snorules said:
.... somehow bass fishing in Mississippi where I live now just doesn't compete.
As an ex-PA pond crappie and bass fisher, thou' speaketh the truth!
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