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safari bar for the 4runner

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alright christmas is just around the corner and that means presents for us youngings. i want something just like this for my 4runner. i want that but i want it in black. i have been looking everywhere and cant seem to find one for my model 4runner, especially not on in black. do any of yall know where i could buy one, or a place i could get one made for my 4runner. thanks.
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well if your willing to spend like $400 i would get a real bumper from all-pro or marlin otherwise i have no idea where to find the pos you like i'm not trying to make fun of you by calling it a pos just stating a fact
yeah dude. if you just want looks you can go for something like that, but i think a real bumper, or even just a brush gaurd would look a lot better.
i never really liked the look of a big massive brusg gaurd. its okay its ur own opinion but when that massive a$$ thing is on ur front and its saggin like a bitch then i dont wanna read about it in the brothel. :flipoff: jk no hard feelins yall. i just like the look and dont need a real hardcore bumper. just lookin for somethin that makes my 4runner different that i can mount some lights on. a lil shoppin cart pushin is also in order dont wanna mess up my nice purdy chrome one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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