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rusty bolts

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i was tryin to remove my catalytic converer today and gut it out like the heartless rebel i am and discovered that my bolts have practically welded themsleves to the nut. any ideas on how to get this piece of crap off of there or how to get off those bolts??? thanks for the help.
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alright dont got one of them.. im thinkin just yank on it until the bolt breaks, then pull it out from the other side and find another bolt to replace it when im all done.. this sound good to yall??? or am i just stupid
die grinder? impact? crank on it until it breaks? your choice really there is lots of options. if its just frozen pick up some pb blaster and spray that stuff on there. it works great. spray it on and it should work its way loose.
its a lil too bad for pb. that was my first thought but the whole nut and bolt is just like a big mass. ima get under there one day in shop and just start breakin {expletive} and weldin it back up. sounds like the easiest way to go.
ya, if its one that you can just replace a bolt and nut, i'd crank on it until it breaks. or the sawzall works good too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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