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round air cleaner

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I've been readin and it seems a lot of you guys have the round air cleaners. I have a 95 5.2 with a 3 in body lift. Ive been looking at the ones from Thay are 14x3. Should i go with that one or could i go with a 14x4. What would u guys recommend. Also do u think i should get the part from the 93 dakota air filter. or should i make an all thread thing like a lot of guys have done??
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i got a 14x 3" with a 2" body lift

heres a pic
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2"bl with 3"filter is also what I am running. So you should be able to get away with the 4" I would just make the s bolt.
:withstupid: on making the bolt yourself and save that money to put in the gas tank :bigthumb:
when using the round air cleaner did you relocate your ait sensor or leave it alone. im thinkin about takin the fipk off. its a pain in th a$$. tom
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