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Had to replace the front axle "unihubs" on my truck this weekend. Got a good deal on them from a neighbor that has connections and owed me a some favors. While I had them apart I figured I'd replace the axle joints while it was all apart. Ordered and overnighted a pair of the new Spicer 5-760x u-joints that replace the original 5-297x joitns and are reported to be 20% stronger.

Everything came off the truck as easily as expected. Pulled the hubs off the stubshafts and started to press out the u-joints. Well the press I was given was not flat at the base and the cup would not sit flat, all unknown to me. After pressing out the caps and disassembling the joint, tried to install the new cross and caps. Something is not right... continue to press cap on and blow top of cap off the other, already installed cap. My fault, should have realized.

Check the ears of the stub shaft yoke and one is fine, the other is bent in with a small twist. Over 70/1000ths, beyond repair. Have to replace it. All becuase of a slightly jacked press...

Since I have to have a running truck, teh driver side went back together with the original u-joints and new hub and I had to pull the inner passenger axle, the CAD ring and put the ajcked stub shaft in the new hub and botl that inplace without any passenger axle shafts. Removed the CAD cover and stuffed it with a rag.

Not only that, when trying to do the drivers side, the original joints are so rusted inplace, I can't get them out andI am not going to use that press again. Hammer method did not work.

Going to part out my buddy's axle for the replacement stub shaft this weekend and then take both outer alxe/stub shaft sets to a local differential shop and have them use a real press to swap the joints for me.

Full write-up int eh Tech section, without these problems noted for clairty of instructions coming as soon as I can get the job done next weekend.


At least once I am done, the front end with have new rotors, pads, calipers, tie rod, draglink, hubs and u-joints. And the gears, bearings, seals are all under 2 years old!

Ball joints are tight as a drum with no sign of play.

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Total bummer Jason! Are the new style joints geasable? Let us know how it turns out so when the rest of us need to do it we'll have some knowledge. At least you'll have a nice tight front end again!~
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