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Okay, Okay....

Jack up the truck and support it by the frame rails. Lift axle by jack (if tires not already off the ground) and remove tires. Unbolt swaybar end links, top nuts of the shocks, 3 bolts off each shock tower and then lower the jack holding the axle. Watch brake, vacuum and electrical hook ups and disconnect as needed.

The springs may just fall out or may need a bit of "assitance". You should be able to move the shocks over and lift the coils off them. Be careful becuase the Pro-Comp spacers are now loose from the coil brackets. Reassemble in reverse and do not forget the coil bumpers (rubber peices for top of the coils).

You will need to use the factory "ring bolt" setup that was removed when the spacers were added. This ring is the same dia. as the coils and has three studs on them to bolt the shock tower to the coil bracket. It goes between the underside of the coil bracket and the coil bumper.

The Pro-Comp spacer replaced the "ring bolt" and used bolts fromt eh top down, instead of the bottom up method from the factory. BTW, Rancho uses studs inserted into the spacer and thus works similar to the factory (the "ring bolt" jsut happens to be 3"" tall in that case)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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