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removing a pillar

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How do i go about removing my driver side a pillar in my 98 ram. it has the factory tweeter if that matters.i dont want to tkae apart my entire dash and then realize i didnt have to. i made a switch panel out of my of my overhead console and need to run the wire behind the cover. will get pictures when its said and done.

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On my 2002 CTD the A pillar is held in with snap thingies. One, maybe 2 (don't recall now) there metal pronged arrow headed shaped springs that push into a receptacle. They hold the pillar vrey tightly. You might have to pull hard to free your. If you feel the pillar giving, then you probably have the same spring clips (for lack of the proper term)
There will be a little slack in the speaker leads, and there is a connector for the tweeter if you need to remove the pillar.

Just pry it out slowly and carefully. It'll eventually pop off.
If you have an "O-Sh!t" grip, you need to pop the little rubber covers off of it and unscrew it, then the A-pillar pops off. If not, it just pops off, it is held on with tight metal clips. What you can do is pull the weather stripping away and reach in behind it to pop it off.
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