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:rant: okay, that problem with the driveline noise is worse than it was before. from reverse to drive or drive to reverse, clang. big hollow driveshaft noise. same thing when you let off the throttle after accelerating, clang. heres what i do know: the transfer case was rebuilt and is tight as a drum; the new detroit no spin in the back is setup within tolerance (.003-.008 per gm); the yoke on the driveshaft is in excellent shape; the noise happens with or without the front shaft installed. so, the remaining observations are in addition to the above: the driveline still has a cyclical vibration at highway speed; the rear shaft twists approximately 3/8 revolution between load directions, (ie d to r or r to d) without actually moving the axles; and the shop that is supposed to be solving this problem looks like a collection of neanderthals doing calculus. :dunno:
any thoughts?

1975 K20 Suburban 402/400
Dana 44 with Warn Hubs/Corp 14 with Detroit
6" Skyjacker 3/4 Ton Softride and 35" BFG Mud Terrains
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