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Rear-end nosie while driving, susp. not axle

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I notice when I'm driving that even with the smallest bump my rear bounces and clunks,
I'm got 3" Rev-tek spacers on the front w/ Rancho RS5000 and a 1.5 add-a-leaf in the rear with Superlift shocks that where sent with kit a over a yr ago. I know my suspenion is stiffer b/c of the lift but it seems to gotten worst over time.
Could my shocks be wore out or not long enough or is it something else, it VERY<VERY annoing, :cuss:
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Yep sounds like your shocks are trash. Time to lay down some money on a good set.
yeah that what I was hoping it was, I like the RS5000's I put on the front, so I may get a set for the rear also. Thanks for the input :D:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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