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R/C car servoes ( sp? )

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Anyone know how they are operated?? I know how they work, but how does the receiver control them? Constant voltage? Or what?

I need one for a throttle control, and want to adjust RPM with a pot. Or operate it with staged switches.. Or does someone have a better idea on what to use?? I dont want cables, dont have room for them, and I want more accurate control.. I'm adjusting throttle with the idle screw, PITA and I cant get full throttle out of it.. It's for my homemade generator..

Also, anyone know where I can pick up small solenoids?? I want to stay away from servoes and actuators in this application if I can help it, rather have a coil solenoid. Something with maybe 5LBS pull or so, doesnt need to be very big at all... I can get them where I work ( the equipment I work on uses them ), but they have like 75LBS of pull.. Overkill for what I need, not to mention expensive and heavy... It will be used to pull the throttle shut when high speeds arnt needed....
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you could get a really really cheap laptop,and a circuit board like the robtwar guys use,just interfaces with the usb to control the servo board,which in turn controls the servos...your going to need a 1/4 scale servo to be able to crack the throttle open,and overcome the return spring pressure.

OR...just buy a 4 channel radio,or a higherend 2 channel /RC radio,and use that with a recevier to control your throttle,you can just set the throttle with the servo adjustments on the controller...and do whatever you gotta do outside the truck. this would be a cheaper setup,depending on if you have a cheaplaptop yo ucould use.
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