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Question for all you steering/death wobble guru's

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I took the truck wheeling this past weekend and ever since that the truck has acted only at certain times like the front tires are starting to wobble but doesnt get very bad it just seems like the tires arent touching the ground. This is also causing the truck to go all over the road, there is even more play in the steering wheel, which after wheeling the steering wheel is turned a little to the right where it used to be a little to the left cause of the play. I also noticed that the steering box has just started to leak close to the top of the box. What is causing this? Do I need to upgrade steering and/or the box, is there anyway to make it work for now since money is scarce due to the holidays. Sorry for the long post I just dont want to be driving and have something happen to where me or someone else will get hurt!

Also if I do need to upgrade can someone point me in the right direction of what to get, thurenfab/PSC! :sorry:
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you probobly just pushed your steering box over the line on your last wheelin' trip. try tightening it up. may be your track bar too, mine went (i think it was number 2) after a day in the mud.
sounds like too much toe out..
you can measure from wheel rim to wheel rim inside-front and inside-rear, and the front needs to be about 1/2" less than the rear on my truck. I had to fix/adjust this a couple times after wheeling to get home to get ride of the death wobble.

also sound like you need to adjust your stearing box. there is an adjust screw on it. get someone to help you who has done it and is experienced. if you do it wrong you can bind your steering (which would be a bad thing)
Cool I will check that out as soon as it isnt 9 degrees and getting ready to snow! Any other things that could cause this or things to check?
not a 1/2 inch, lord he wants the tires to last, 1/4 inch at the max difference between the front and back
1/4" is even to much...When we do Alignments at our shop the old fashin way, Toe Out should NEVER be more then 1/8", perferable 1/16"....Thats how we set all our big trucks and service trucks....and never had a issue...

i believe dodge trucks (dont quote me but i know its close) are supoosed to be set around .05 toe OUT for each wheel
so that means a 1/10th of an inch is allowable for alignment purposes (1/10th inch wider in the front than the back)
definately sounds like a gear box and/or some loose parts in the front end
That makes absolutely no sense...
On 2005-12-06 15:18, American wrote:
That makes absolutely no sense...

What doesnt make sense????
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