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Question about a ford kingpin 60 front

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I found what looks to be a dana 60 kingpin front, it has the 4 bolts and flat plate and not the single bolt with nut by the rotor, it is in a 75 F250 and I wanted to know if this axle is any good or it it is a dana 44, is it as strong as the 78-79 or should I keep my search going?
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Probably a low pinion 60.
If it has kingpins, its not a 44 for sure
Is a low pinion any good or should I keep looking for a High pinion?
depends on how high your going with your lift. The hp just reduces angles for your driveshaft.
Even if its low pinion, it might be worth it since it has rebuildable hubs, lockouts and is still a Dana 60. I don't know about the spline count for the shafts/spiders, but it would be easy to upgrade to 35 stuff if you wanted. INspite of not being hi-pinion, I say it could be worth it as long as you get it dirt cheap. Also, check into the types of brakes it don't want drums, otherwise, it will be totally worthless.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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