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PSD low on power

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My 97 idles perfect, starts perfect, but Ive recently been trying out an edge programmer and cant really notice a difference between power levels. There was also a lot of rubber o-ring crap in the ipr filter. I think its safe to a$$ume its injector sealing time, should I send the injectors out somewhere to get checked out? Any recommendations?
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My buddy and I did o-rings on his wasnt too hard but getting to the back bolt on the P-side v-cover sucks.....I have 136k on my truck on factory injector seals.....hell mine could be leaking too... :D:
I noticed more smoke and the pedal to be a little bit touchy when I first programmed my truck...
...try putting it back to stock then drive it a day then put it in extreme then see if it drive differently.... You could try mine if you want my truck is going to be down for a another week or 2 :roll:

Well, First I would check the basics, like air filter (those suck up alot of power when clogged) Does the truck blow alot of black smoke when you step on it? Your truck being a 97 I a$$ume its DI? If its IDI its pretty easy to change the Injectors, but the Direct Injection models are so hard to get them out. If I you dont know what you are doing you shouldnt even rip into it. I bought the Edge Evolution programmer and it works great on my truck. I had low power too, but i changed the Air filter and the problem was fixed.

1994 7.3 Turbo PSD. F-350 Crew Cab Dually Flatbed BD power exhaust.
I agree the pass side doesnt look fun, mainly the reason the seals are still in my toolbox and not installed. The stock airfilters long gone, I put a cone on it. I couldve swore the turbo used to be louder. Anyone know a good place to send injectors off to to get flow checked (hate to find ones going bad after the o-ring swap). Hey Carl, have you taken the IPR off (side of the fuel bowl)? Its only 2 bolts, you wouldnt believe the amount of crap that was blocking my screen....Thanks for the offer of checking out your rig, but my starter just went out (1 month old from autozone) so the trucks dead for a few days. Back to riding the dirtbike to work..
ahh, they aren't THAT bad to remove. ya'll are gettin worked up for nothing. get a 1/4" drive socket, u-joint, extension and ratchet and get it done. as for pulling the injectors...what is so hard about PULLING? thats all you do to remove these...once the VC is off, you pull them out. that's not hard at all. then put the o-ring on and re-install 'em. i am betting that's your problem as well. how much does it smoke in the morning? if it smokes for more than a city block or so, then your o-rings are definitely bad. but judging by the rubber in the filter housing, yea, they're bad. you might try cleaning your FPR screen as well. also might have a bad VC wiring harness. it has connections for the GP's and for the Injectors...if one is shorting, you won't get full voltage to that injector...can't really think of much else...although i'm sure something will come to me later on

good luck!

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Oh yeah said IPR meant FPR....not much smoke (I expected more with a 100hp program) and it only blows smoke on startup and about 30 seconds after if I dont use the AIC. Thanks for the advice so far...I think Im going to order valve cover gaskets to kill the worry of bad wires. Im suspecting an exhaust leak now...damn why cant there be less crap to fix on a PSD?
hehe, i hear ya. luckily (knocking on wood) mine has been pretty darn reliable. i have had some tranny problems (and i have the manual!) from excessive power (i dyno'd at 308 RWHP and 620 RWTQ) but the engine has been GREAT. it only has 129k miles on it, which is pretty good for a '96. i have a 4 position chip in mine with T. Wildman tuning, and mine smokes pretty decent in my third setting (about 100 or so over stock?) and smoke like a FREIGHT TRAIN in the 4th setting (about 140 or so over stock). when you crank yours up, you should definitely be smokin. do you have gauges? what kind of boost are you building?


Yeah I cleaned my FPR screen about 6 months ago...WOW what a difference.... :bigthumb:
...You're not the only one with bad luck.....I blew my trans...I was racing some Mustang and I launched and Truck just shuddered... I thought it was wheel hop, but it wasnt :bluecry:
....So my trans is in pieces in my garage, I'm just going to do a quick overhaul b/c I dont have the time to build it the way I want to...I'll wait till next time.....

ouch, that sucks Strokin. the bolts fell out of mine (the ones that hold the tranny to the engine and tranny to mount...:eek:: ) and it started running at an angle, which pulled the input shaft bearing out of the case...i have a new one on the way and i am installing a new South Bend Con-OFE clutch while i'm in there...


:shock: I think you won the trans fun award.....Holy crap....glad that was the damage to your truck instead of hucking a shaft..... :silly:

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