Project Comanche - build #2

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    Sooo this fall I was searching craigslist, like any typical wheeler / vehicle person does, and this Comanche popped up on a few places. One catch, which was good for me it was 4.5hrs away in Upper Michigan, but only 90 miles from our place in the UP. So contacted the seller, which he belonged to the same 4x4 club I was in during college. Setup a meet with his dad, and swung by the barn to take a look.

    1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator
    D44 front with 3 link suspension
    AMC 20 rear - spring over
    Both axles came from full size jeep (not sure if pickup or wagoner)
    Like new 36" super swampers on custom bead locks
    4.10 gears, lockers, custom cross member, plated frame, body fairly rust free, and all section of rotted floor cut out. Also came with 2x2 tube, and 2x6 metal for sliders. In the bed were fullsize spare, Ford 9", and lots of miscellaneous parts from strip down.

    Settled on price and picked it up a week later (must have been in mid Oct). Put it in storage for time being - didn't really plan on working on it till next spring at the earliest. Well that day led to getting two more jeeps (was hoping for more projects later on, but looking at them more carefully they might be a lost cause).

    Then back in WI I found a deal on a 1960 Willys CJ5 for $200, but had no spark. Messed around with it for a bit, swapped to an electronic ignition, but couldn't get it timed right. Again back in the UP found someone selling a 98 jeep Cherokee 4 door for cheap, but had rotted rear sub-frame. We texted back-n-forth and he agreed to a straight up trade for my CJ5 for his XJ. Metup a few weeks later, and now I had almost all the parts I need for my MJ build.

    Swapping over the 4.0/aw4/231 setup - with all wiring.
    Swapping the 98 front fenders, grill, hood, doors, and interior as well.
    XJ has about 220k miles on it, but runs good, no check engine lights, and we actually bombed around the logging roads, and our field with it when I dropped it off at our place in the UP.

    As with build #1 - will get pics up as soon as I can.