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profile of an information leader... HELP!

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OK so I've got this a$$ignment for my "Leadership in information networking and telecommunications" course.. I know there has got to be someone on here that has a leadership role in their business...

IF anyone is interested in helping me out on this a$$ignment I'd appreciate it a ton! It's as simple as emailing me the below information [email protected] (obviously this is geared towards me interviewing you, but you can fill it out then I can write the analysis)... or if someone wants to do this over the phone that's cool you can PM me a number. Thanks in advance!

Profile of an Information Leader

This is an exciting a$$ignment because it gives you an excuse to interview and to learn from a leader and to perhaps develop a contact that can benefit your career. Contact an information leader and ask the questions outlined below. Some students in the past have conducted the interview by telephone or email. I will award points for boldness and effort in interviewing “real” leaders vs. a local guy you run into in the Post Office the day the a$$ignment is due! A leader may be a major television anchor, a radio executive, a CIO, a CEO, or a person in a significant leadership role. It is someone who manages people in an information rich environment. If you email the questions to a leader and his or her responses are incomplete; remember, this is your a$$ignment not his or hers. Either persuade the leader to provide more information or find another person to interview.

1. Contact Information



Mail Address:

Email Address:

Current Position:

Qualifications (academic and past job experience)


2. What product(s) does this organization produce or service(s) does it provide?

3. What roles does the leader play in his or her organization?

4. In what way does the leader describe his or her management style?

5. How does the leader believe that vision is created in an organization?

6. How does the leader believe that employee “buy-in” and loyalty are created in an organization?

7. How does the leader believe that people are best motivated in an organization?

8. What are the challenges that the leader identifies working in an information organization with ever expanding market and technology parameters vs. working in an industry with defined technology and market parameters (e.g. breakfast foods).

9. Will the leader allow this profile to be used in a study profiling information leaders? If so, will does the leader require that answers be confidential or is he or she willing to be quoted?

10. After interviewing this individual, what impressed you the most about his or her comments? Why do you believe this person has been successful? Compare and contrast this person’s attitudes and beliefs toward leadership with the authors we have been reading for class. Finally, how do you compare this leader’s attitudes and beliefs with your own?

This a$$ignment will be graded in the following manner: up to 10 pts will be awarded based the leadership level of the person interviewed. If you interview the person you ran into at the Bar last night, most likely you are not going to earn many points. If you interview a vice president of Time Warner, a national sports announcer such as Bob Costas, or John Chambers, CEO or Cisco Systems, you will earn 10 pts. Twenty points are possible on the content of the interview and 20 points on your analysis of the interview. Fifty points are possible overall.
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dont feel bad i got the same response from something similar.
I qualify, but don't feel like filling out that many questions.
On 2005-12-07 18:03, BIGGER wrote:
I qualify, but don't feel like filling out that many questions.

that's cool I wouldnt either... any chance u could give me top 3 or 4 wuestions then i could BS the rest? if not that's cool too.
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