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Ok went out to take some nice pictures of my truck but ended up 4 wheelin instead and got pictures of the truck caked in mud. after i got done i noticed that on a sharp right turn the truck pulls real hard back i thought it was stuck in 4wd but i dont think it is, i have plenty of power steering fluid, left turns are fine, any ideas? or tomorrow i will clean it up real nice and tell the dealer it just magiclly happened. and the factory warranty hopefully will cover it. after the little expedition, crushed one of my tailpipes, lost my front license plate( get that tomorrow), cracked the front spoiler, took that off 5 minutes ago, and now this turning problem. i really have to stop going wheelin by myself and get a lift, (bottomed out a few times). if i get a chance i got some pics to post.

2001 Ram 1500 SLT 4x4
Magnaflow exhaust, K&N FIPK,
265 Pro Comp AT's
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