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Prayers needed (again...)

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Some of ya'll may remember when I posted the article about my fiancee's grandmother being a$$aulted a few months ago. After that, it all went downhill. The evacuation and another fall made her weaker, and then she was diagnosed with colon cancer a couple of weekes ago.
This morning around 5 am, she passed. My fiancee and her were really close, and she is real tore up about it. Just wanted to give yall an update since a few of you were interested and concerned. Thanks guys... :bluecry: :bluecry: :bluecry: :bluecry:
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Very very sorry to hear this. I hope she can cope with it as well as possible, don't really no what to say but you and her will deffinatly be in my prairs. good luck with it to the both of you.
I'm really sorry to hear that. Just know that she's in a better place now.
i'm really sorry, tell her we're prayin for her
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