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Does anyone here own a Power Tank? I'm lookin' at getting the PT-10. I like the idea of portability and total independent operation (not requiring battery power). This was quoted directly from their website:

The POWER TANK is a product that addresses all the needs of on-board air. It consists of an aluminum cylinder of pressurized liquid CO2 which is released as a vapor through a special heavy duty regulator. The regulator was designed by us specially for this type of use. The POWER TANK can air up tires, run air tools, etc., while out on the trail, the race course, the side of the road, or even in your garage. It is fast, affordable, and simple to use. It is light weight, portable, and reliable and it is THE fastest way to air up tires.


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The owner of PowerTank lives a few miles from me. The unit is very well accepted in the offroad community. I had a friend that has one. Any welding shop or fire extinguisher place can fill it for $10 or so.

I have thought about getting one, but with my luck, I'd end up running out of CO2 or forgetting to refill it or need it filled on a weekend with no one open.
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