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power sterring

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a few days ago my power steering went out, i was curious if anyone knew a good way to test whether or not it is the pump. i have plenty of fluid in the reservior and the pump isn't locked up. i didn't want to take off any lines yet since i don't want to maybe screw anything else up worse. i did, a while back ago, get my p/s pump pretty hot during an off-roading trip. anyone know anything about this sorta thing? thanks in advance.
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Are you saying you have steering just not power steering? If so, it's probably the pump... Do you see any movement in the fluid? Any leaks?
yeah, i got steering just not power steering. the fluid level is always the same and there isn't any leaks. i wanted to make sure it was the pump before i go replacing it. thanks
just an update, and please anyone throw in your .02, i was driving away from my buddy's place and all of a sudden my power steering came back. im thinking maybe it could have been a clogged line that just... unclogged itself?
if it was a clogged hose, be prepared to replace the pump and box. what ever was clogging it up is now all in the system.
My guess you could have had a cavitated hose. Very rare but possible.
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