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Power door lock help..

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I got a 95 dodge ram when it got it the door locks acted funny would work then wouldnt then they just worked fine well they quit other day, the fuse is good, there is power at the fuse, tryed spraying air down around switches from out side still nothing, anyone got any idea? Also are headlight switches common problem on these pickups? smoke came out from around mine when i got to work last night then coming home i had to hold back lever keep high beams on for lights then they just started working again. Thanks
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with the door locks i would try removing the panel/switch from the door, and see if you are getting voltage to the switch. If so, order a switch.

I can't help you on the headlight switch, never messed with mine.
You'll need a new switch for the DS (maybe PS too.) Trust me, I've even tried rebuilding them w/o any luck. You might be able to pick some up at a salvage yard if money is tight.

As for the head lights. Sounds like you cooked the wireing behing the switch. Need to pull the dash bezzle, and the switch. More then likely you'll have to replace the switch, and some of the wires behind it. Just remember to stagger your cuts, so that you don't have a bunch of splices in the same area.
I got in my truck one night turned on my headlights and nothing. There was not smoke but my headlights wouldn't work and I was pissed. I took the headlight swith out of the dash and just blew some air across it to clean it, checked it. I had continuity on all positions, reinstalled it and have had no problems for the last mos or so. DOn't know with the other stuff. I have a couple other problems with my wiring as of late. :wall:
I pulled dash panal off and the head light switch nothing was melted looking and it still works fine so kinda see as waste of money though at same time i dont wanna go for a ride and have no lights one night. As for the door locks does the little black panal aseembly that house's the door lock switches, and power window switches does it pop out or do you gotta pull whole door panal? i hate pulling those door panals i allways tear clips up and i dont have the tool do it right. Thx
Just keep an eye on your headlight switch then. As for the door panel, the bezel will just pop out. Though there is one of those metal clips that can get bent out of shape.
Can you hear a motor running when you hit the unlock switch? Something with mine is stripped out. It almost sounds like a fuel pump running. Or is yours just not working completely?
update: I went out there few ago and there is no power at plug or the wires going to plug at door lock switch, there is power at both wires going to the fuse for door locks. So somewhere in the wiring when it leaves the fuse box to both door panals there must be a shorted wire or perhaps a ground, have get a schematic(sp) and see if i can't find something. I hate electrical problems since you usually gotta rip {expletive} apart.
On 2005-12-02 13:19, Jason wrote:
Can you hear a motor running when you hit the unlock switch? Something with mine is stripped out. It almost sounds like a fuel pump running. Or is yours just not working completely?

My passenger side is the same way . . just been too busy fixing other stuff to look at it yet. Know what is causing it?
Same problem with the switch. I went and bought a new one and the problem still happens. It always seems to happen on a bad day too. So to me its a wiring problem, I just have to find it. Its been that way since I bought the truck in 99

Now with the light situation. I had a problem with my dims not working. I also liked adjusting my steering wheel everytime I got in and out of my truck. Well I tore the cover off the steering column. and there is a black plate where all the wires plug into it. All thes wires travel down the steering column to thier designated areas. Well the wire for dims came loose and disconnected. So I pinched the female connector with some plyers and pushed it back onto male end. checked all the rest of them to make sure they were tight also. Also made sure there was not to much downward pressure on the wire bundle. which could of possibley caused the problem also. To this day I do not move my steering wheel due to this. and have never had a problem with it since then. I would say that was about 5 yrs ago or so.
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