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posi lock 4x4 lever

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has anyone used one of these on 88-98 chevy were u can manualy lock it in 4wd instead of the acuater. thinkin bout getin one were i dont have to wate
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great product but comes with some {expletive}ty hardware. the bracket that holds the cable housing wont hold it still unless you tighten it real tight, but that tiny little bitty bolt will break if you try to tighten it enough.
kool deal u think thers a way to better the braket
My buddy and I made our own posi lok for under 20 buxs. Just go to an automotive or hardware store and get a lever then go to your local bike store and buy how ever much bike brake you need and the sleeve to go around it and your good to go.
I don't know about the bracket(s) being weak. But when my thermal unit gives up, I'm going to get the posi-lok and not think twice about it. I hate it when the front end unlocks while the truck is off, or really get pissed if the key is on but not running and it drains the battery (took only once to learn that). Weak brackets don't scare me :flipoff:
how hard is the install can a novice attempt this with basic tools or is it complicated with speciality tools
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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