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I just had a new set of tires installed on my 98 Quad Cab 1500 2WD, so I followed that up with a FE Alignment.

I took it to a shop that I trust and have had quality work done on several vehicles.

On the "test drive", the mechanic noticed some dead play in the steering - when he showed me what he was talking about, I realized he was right - it was less responsive.

So they installed a new Pitman arm and I have to agree - it is better.

My question: my truck has just over 44,000 miles and I'm the original owner - so I know the history - it has never been abused.

I asked the mechanic why it would go bad, and he said usually because of lack of keeping it lubricated - although he added - he could tell mined had been well lubed, so

What gives ???

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Isn't there an adjustment screw that sets the play in the steering box? That may need to be adjusted.

Also, just a pitman arm fixed some of the slack? Sounds odd to me. Perhaps the draglink or tie-rod needs new ends.
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