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Picking up my Dodge monday

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After going back and forth for a long time about SAS'ing my chevy, I finally found a better option.

A local dealer has a 99 ram 2500 ext. cab 4x4 with the 360 and auto, So I went over and looked at it, and they want my truck (98 chevy 2500 2wd ext cab)+ $1500 which I think is pretty good.

Now... This truck has about 115K on it, and runs and drices perfect, but Is there anything I should do to help teh tranny last a little longer.

Also I have some money left over, So I've been looking at lift's and tires. :naughty: I've decided on 38x15.50x16.5 SSR's on 16.5x12 M/T classic II's. But I cant decide on a lift. Is the fabtech 5.5" any good? I know that the skyjacker 7" would be better, butI dont have that much to spend on the lift, and the offroading I do is mostly mud.

Can I clear the 38's with just the 5.5" or will I need more lift? If so can I stack 2" daystars on top of the fabtech?

Im in kentucky right now and wont be home until sunday, but I'll post pics as soon as I get the truck home.
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You can stack daystars on top, but you will not clear a 38" tire that wide with 7" of lift. I would reccomend a 5" skyjacer or 5" bds bolt on kit and a body lift. With the fabtech you have to cut off the factory lower arm mounts meaning the truck is stuck with the lift kit. The 5" BDS and 5" skyjacker bolt on and they can be run with 2" spacers on top as well.
Other than being permanent, Is the fabtech a good kit? I dont mind having to leave it on.

So with a 5-5.5" lift, 2" spacers and a 3" body I could clear the 38x15.50's fine? If so thats the way I will go
yeah the fabtech is a good kit all of their stuff is quality stuff,,i believe theres a few guys on here that have that exact lift if im not mistaken maybe they will chime in and tell how they like it so far :bigthumb:
Thanks, Im kind of stuck on fabtech. I've had good experience with their stuff in the past, and my local shop priced the fabtech 5.5" at $1195, and the skyjacker 5" at $1699
THe fabtech kit has a long lower arm so it will most likely ride and flex better than the skyjacker or bds kits. I think that price is awesome for hte fabtech kit, when I bought my Superjunk they wanted like 1500+ for fabtech with no rear leaves. I'd get that, a body lift, and maybe spacers and those tires should fit good.
Ok, Sounds good for the lift.
I wouldn't go with fabtech, personally...they're great for IFS, but I've had buddies that put them on SFA and hated them. I just purchased the Rough Country 5 in suspension lift, for 815 bucks. I currently have a 3 in Rough Country lift on my truck, and have had no problems with it. If you've got a Dodge, check them out, at They're worth a look at, and they've got really good quality lifts.
Thanks, I'll look into the rough country lift.
I've got the 5.5 fabtech and love it! When I put mine on I was looking at the rough country lift aswell and the general concensious I got from talking to different people was that the rough country didn't even compare to the Fabtech. People told me the rough country lift was cheaper, but wasn't made as well and overall wasn't as strong. I don't have any experience with rough country, so I personally couldn't tell you which was better. I had just heard the fabtech was way better. My 2 cents.
What are in the kits? SKyjacker has the options with heim joints or regular bushings on there control arms. ALso with add a leaf or rear leaf pack? Summit has the standard skyjacker kit with a aal for a grand and for 1300 it comes with new leafs in rear. Just don't buy them for there powder coating :fu: I haevn;t dealt with fabtech i have a buddie who has it on his gmc and it is a great system. I would of probaly bought it originally but heard better things about skyjacker.
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