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Only a couple more weeks in the season

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For many recreational boaters, their season is almost over. What do you do to winterize your boats? What is your storage option, have space at home or rent a spot in the local yard?
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Back before we sold our searay, we would take it down to a boat shop and they would prep it for the winter. Not sure exactly what they did, probably flushed the lines and cleaned her all up. We used to rent a big storage unit just down the road, reasonably priced and just a five minute drive from the lake.

As for the season closing... I don't think so lol. Me and some friends are planning a week trip in december to attend a big wakeboarding tournament down in florida.
In Florida... the season is all year long... :D
Most inboard boats pull in water to cool them don't have a radiator as suck. When you winterize them you are taking the water and other fluids that are still inside the engine from its last use and other impurities out. You actually don't have to winterize it as long as you are good with maintenance and live somewhere it does not get to cold. Here in Texas its hit or miss risk cracking the block or pay the money. Another option a lot of people use that keep there boat on the water is a block heater in the winter much like a diesel.
and i keep mine at a storage yard its enclosed on three sides with a roof and a chin gate in front.
One more weekend and our boat gets put away.

I feel I could do the winterization on my own, but it's worth it to just pay the few hundred bucks to have everything flushed, antifreeze pumped though the lines, and the boat shrink wrapped for the winter. We are having the bottom of our boat chemically washed to get the bottom paint off and they are either re-gelcoating the bottom or somehow making the original gelcoat good as new.

We are storing the boat in a heated pole barn throughout the winter. Kind of looking forward to putting it away so I can have my driveway back. I love the winter.
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