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one last pyro gauge question, i promise

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what else am i going to need? it says it includes a thermocouple and i would a$$ume it includes a length of line for the gauge....anything else?

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Why don't you just ask the seller? That way you know exactly what you are getting.
On 2005-11-30 17:00, Tufiremn wrote:
Why don't you just ask the seller? That way you know exactly what you are getting.

to clarify, i was asking if i am going to need anything else for the gauge to work, not if it comes with anything else...
According to the autometer website #7144 includes the thermocouple, and it will come with the lead wires to go from the thermocouople leads to the gauge.

I'm not sure if the "C2" is like the older AM gauges like Ultra-Lites or the newer "Cobalts". The older style pyrometers only needed a lead for the light in the gauge and a ground for the light. If its like the new ones the light might need a power and ground, and the gauge itself might need a power and a ground.

For this you'll need some primary wire and whatever kind of connector will be needed to attach wires to the back of the gauge.

Tap the "illum" fuse in the dash for the light and the "cig lighter" fuse for ignition on power.

These things make tapping fuses a breeze

NAPA sells little blade connectors that slip over the prong of the fuse which result in basically the same thing.

Thats all you should need.
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I wouldn't get that one just b/c it doesn't match worth a crap at night. Hell, I'll sell you mine that has everything you need. I will even sell you my a pillar mount too.
what kind do you have and will it fit a 97? :naughty:
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