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on the road again.,...

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ahh you all thought you go rid of me...haha....I've been out and about the country and seen a lot of nice rigs. I think everyone in Cali lifts anything and everything. And oklahoma had a some nice jeeps. I'll get a new digital camera and hopefully can get some good pictures for you all while I'm out driving the country. Everyone be safe out there and have a good holiday season. Just wanted to stop by while I'm home for this short period of time.
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well gimme a hollar if you get lost in my neck of the woods. :poke:
will do. I have to drop some aluminum pipe off in conn this monday and them I'm going to try to get some long runs so I can start making money and get my truck finished. but I'll let you know when I'm out that way. Should be soon though within the next week and a half or so.
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