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Anyone from NJ,I just wanted to know how strict the state inspection station's are with there lift laws. The law states anything over 4" suspension lift must go for a high-rise inspection for a stabilaty test.
Do they count your tire height? Because my truck is about 6 1/4" over stock height counting my tires. My truck has off-road springs and off-road badge on the tailgate. Do they have heights in there book for regular 1500 4x4's and then off-roads because then if I say it's an off-road thats two inchs then I'm only 4 1/4" over stock height.(WISHFULL THINKING) that would be to easy. So what do you guys think,or will I be wasting my time, and I should just go to Morristown to the specialty inspection station. Thanks in advance.

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Here is what i was a fax from DMV....

1/2 ton more then 7" of lift and no larger then 35" tires...

3/4 ton....if i remember it was nothing more then 8" of lift and 36's...

1 ton was allowed 9" of lift and no larger then 38's......the largest tire allowed by law in Nj now is a 38" tire....

just go to inspection pass and then lift away......i have 6.5" now in my 2001, and will have 9" soon.....general rule told to me by my cop buddies....

If it looks nice we dont bother u....if it looks riged or butchered....your done!

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Well here is the real deal... just call this number
that is the winslow inspecion for high rise vehicles....
now here is the real deal....
gvw of 0-4500 is 7" with 35's max
4501-7500 is 9" with 36's max
7501-10000 is 11" with 38's max
1. now lift is including height from tires
2. also gvw is from frame not what u register it at
3. measure your tires from right to left and that measurement cant exeed. my 40's are 37" and yes they are worn majorly...

I have a 8400gvw and this is what i was told...
33" to the bottom of the door for chevy and 35" to the bottom of the door on a ford.
I have 14" leafs and 40's that measure 37" so that is
14+3=17 inches over stock and BARELY LEGAL!!!!
so when I get new tires I will need to get 38's

also get this.. they say 38's max but will allow 39.5 boggers cuz they only measure 38.5 where they will overlook the .5
now that tells me they are not major ball busters... Hopefully I will find out this summer when my truck is ready for the road....
also measureing the tires from right to left is what they do because if you let air out of the tires the tire gets fatter....
also you will need to to the wall test...
they weigh your truck
u ride up a wall with the drivers side up
they re-weigh your truck if it doesnt flip
and if too much weight shifts you will fail
you flip you fail
then you have to get out of the truck and get your paper and figure out how you are going to get back in.
last and not least
I know someone with a ford with 12" leafs and 38's and passed with flying colors (he also went through with the same setup when he had 44's on it when they allowed it)
GEEEZZ sorry for all the reading....
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